Technical Expertise

Our seasoned, knowledgeable and innovative experts are here to solve your business and  technical problems.   Averaging double digit years of experience , our teams  get the job done quickly and efficiently  through superior design and integration approaches.   We also train and educate your  team in the proper operation and support of the applications and environments we design, build and maintain.   Call Speech-Soft for all your speech  and customer interaction needs.

Specialized Skills In…
Application Support

We are known for quickly solving application problems and outages. Our support team is well versed and experienced in  rapid debugging that gets you moving again. Our support specialists are trained on all relevant applications and offer 24/7 response times based on contracted needs.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is essential to your operations. Our BI experience includes: design, build and deployment of new systems, reporting, expansion of existing systems and migrations between BI platforms. We offer global skills in DB, reporting, analytics and multi-channel deployments.

UI Design

Our UI designers are renowned for creating successful standout designs for global enterprises handling millions of daily interactions as well as regional businesses looking to get a jump on their competition. You want your UI to be unique and for customers to use your system? Call Speech-Soft for a consultation.

Application Tuning

Our PhD level speech scientists and UI specialists apply our data driven approach to both broad and highly targeted tunings.  We uncover problems  and improvement opportunities in  NLU and directed dialog applications.  A two minute tune or a full in depth tune, we uncover pathways to improve your results.

Reporting & Statistics

From architecting databases and capturing data to creating business level reporting tools, our team delivers all elements of customer interaction, IVR and speech reporting. Let us help you with both business and operational reporting solutions.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Our design and tuning methodology has been shown to deliver superior results in less time with less cost.  Speech-Soft’s  PhD speech scientists and UI designers specialize in creating innovative conversations that engage customers and deliver bottom line business results. Call on us to deliver an Easier, Faster Better way to incorporate NLU into your application.


With over 15 years experience with omnichannel interactions, our engineering teams are uniquely qualified to integrate new contact channels into your enterprise. Our real world successes give us the practical know-how to take your customer interactions to the next level.

Custom Development

Your customers deserve, and you need them to have, a smooth service journey. Our development and analytics teams help you define and optimize customizations that will make your customers feel, if not loved, then at least very well taken care of. Let us help in ways that are easier, faster and better.

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