Speech Tuning

Speech applications require ongoing care and review to ensure your customers have a great experience.  

Speech-Soft ‘s  PhD level speech scientists and seasoned VUI designers  examine and tune all components of your speech applications.   We address grammars, prompts, applications,  NLU tags and recognition thresholds.  We conduct complete analyses of your customer’s journey.

Our tuning services improve your customer’s experience while also reducing application costs and errors.  Speech-Soft tunings have quick ROIs … call us to schedule an evaluation today.

Four Tuning Specialties
Speech Tuning

NLU or Directed Dialog, Speech-Soft has the team, tools and processes to address speech recognition issues with NLU tags or with a specific grammar.   We focus our PhD level speech scientists on grammar and recognition accuracy as well as NLU application tagging analysis.   We  also evaluate UI and prompt effectiveness.  Let Speech-Soft experts apply our time saving tuning tools to improve the performance of your complete application suite.

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Application Tuning

Speech application tuning is application analysis and optimization through dialog performance. With  20+ years of experience behind them, our VUI designers conduct a range of analyses including: dialog structure, navigation, prompts, zero-out,  unintended caller behaviors and retry/timeout reasons and recovery strategies. We assess current and possible new design strategies and identify gaps and interaction issues that impact customer experience and actions.

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Business Analytics-Optimization

Our business analytics approach focuses on identifying incremental capabilities and features to drive self service and an improved customer interaction experience. We work to determine  additional functionality that will produce the best ROI and deliver a roadmap of future changes and enhancements.


Two Minute Tuning

Have a problem you can’t pinpoint?   Need help justifying a complete speech or application tuning? Our two minute tuning approach reveals problem areas that are ripe for a complete tuning and ROI realization. Get a quick look into your application and grammar performance for a fraction of the cost of a complete tuning effort. Use the results to focus on the areas where the greatest improvements are possible.

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