Speech Application Development

Thinking of going the speech route?   We design and build speech applications that provide better customer experiences while meeting your ROI and cost of ownership goals.

Already Using Speech?   We can significantly improve what you have.  Many speech applications don’t work as you need them to, simply because they haven’t been properly designed or tuned.  Get the customer experience and return on investment you initially planned for.

Specializing In…
Speech Application Development

This is our sweet spot. We have extensive experience developing and integrating every element of the speech application: VUI design, contact center, CTI integration, call routing, application call flow, back-end integration, speech grammars, reporting and NLU tags.  Whether you need a major speech app developed or just some individual components, Contact Us!


Let us help you get off the starting line. Assessments of customer journey, application effectiveness and project ROI can identify opportunities and priorities with a business funding justification. Let Speech-Soft experts assess your customer interactions to get things moving forward.

VUI Design

A speech application is a lot more than a “speechified” touch-tone application.  Our  innovative VUI designers craft compelling customer experiences while providing bottom line business results.  Contact us to design an easy, intuitive journey for your customers.

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Grammar Tuning

NLU or Directed Dialog, Speech-Soft has the team, tools and processes to address speech recognition issues with NLU tags or with a specific  grammar. Let Speech-Soft experts apply our time saving tuning tools to improve the performance of your complete application suite.

Technical Details »

Grammar Development

Whether for directed dialogs, natural language or large vocabulary applications, our PhD experts  design, build and optimize grammars quickly and accurately.

Interaction Analysis

Uncover the valuable business information hidden in your call data. Our specialists expertly analyze large volumes of recorded calls, helping you mine essential information about your callers, their journey, processes, applications and contact center interactions.

Modular Design

Your speech application has to evolve with your business, regulatory and customer needs. We design in anticipation of the future—our applications are maintainable and easily modified to reduce TCO and facilitate the deployment of change.

Speech Consulting

How is upgrading your application to Speech or NLU going to improve customer satisfaction and the bottom line? How might you benefit from an Intelligent Virtual Assistant approach? Consult with our Speech-Soft experts and see what can be achieved.


Usability Testing

From Wizard of Oz to traditional usability testing, our experts can help you design and conduct pre-production user testing. Once the data is gathered, we’ll analyze the results and recommend improvements.

Grammar Conversion

Need to convert from one speech recognition technology to another?  Speech-Soft grammar developers can do it…easier, faster and better!

TTS Tuning

If you’re using Text-to-Speech, our speech experts can tune your prompts and TTS engine to make interactions clear and understandable.

Intelligent IVR

By leveraging customer profiles and interaction patterns, Speech-Soft can design personalized customer experiences that anticipate why the customer has made contact.  Intelligent virtual assistants can provide intuitive customer interactions while improving completion rates and reducing agent involvement. Let us show you how.


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