Omni Channel Solutions

Customers are using Email, Text, Phone, Chat and Social Media to interact, dramatically changing the way you and your customers communicate.   Speech-Soft designs and builds solutions that integrate and capture omni channel interactions using on – premise and hosted solutions.   We provide you personalized levels of service by leveraging cross channel CRM interaction data. 


Specializing In Cisco, eGain, Hybrid Architecture & CRM Integration…
ECE Design & Migration

ECE integrates voice, SMS, email & social media with Finesse desktops, Precision Routing and Context Server interaction history.  Now all of these customer channels are available natively within the Cisco routing, reporting and task processing. Let us help you plan and deploy your migration to this Cisco omni-channel framework.

eGain Certified Partner

Leverage our years of experience integrating multi-channel solutions into Cisco UCCE by having Speech-Soft design the optimal solution for your unique enterprise. Our deep knowledge of business KPIs, along with our complete understanding of integration technologies required to blend your voice and non-voice contacts,  will help you achieve a more seamless contact center environment.

Hybrid Hosted Solutions

Speech-Soft builds and integrates hosted solutions with your on-premise contact center and IVR investments. Call us for quick- to – market channel and cross channel architectures and solutions that creatively leverage Tropo and other hosted platforms.

Cisco Context Server

We create a strong Omni-channel architecture within your Cisco collaboration infrastructure by leveraging Cisco’s ECE and Context Server.  Partner with us to migrate your channels and customer interaction data capture.

Bucher & Suter Integrations

Our UCCE team blends our deep knowledge of Cisco collaboration infrastructure with that of the Bucher & Suter platform to integrate your existing CRM platform into your contact center architecture and data flow. Our team’s real world experience will help you succeed in avoiding the challenges created by mixing contact channels. We know your CRM connector and CRM platforms, so let us  help you  ensure a successful easy- to -operate customer experience.

Customer Interaction Manager (CIM)

Speech-Soft’s engineering team has been there since the beginning of the “omni-channel” movement within Cisco. Starting with legacy Cisco Collaboration Server (CCS) and Cisco e-Mail Manager (CEM) and evolving through to the current Cisco Interaction Manager (CIM) and ECE, we have the depth of knowledge and experience to help your enterprise with all aspects of these platforms. Our omni engineers have successfully deployed some of the biggest and most complex solutions using this platform, and are ready to do more.


Essential to the management and measurement of effective customer service is collecting, reporting and distributing the dizzying array of business intelligence generated by Contact Center operations. Speech-Soft is a mining machine, and can help you with the various standard reporting elements used in this industry.

Outbound & SMS

Today’s customers are triggering a wholesale transformation of business’ contact channels.  With years of experience and complete understanding of all customer contact channels, our teams bring the level of experience you need to provide world class service to your customers. Let our Omni-channel engineers help you plan, integrate and implement solutions that enhance your customer’s experience with SMS, MMS and outbound communications.


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