Contact Center Consulting & Development

Your customer’s experience with your contact center can make or break your relationship, impacting sales and loyalty.     Our consultants and architects  focus on your customers, your employees and your business  goals to bring senior guidance and hands – on expertise to your new, expanding or improving contact center and self service platforms. 

Specializing In…

Assessments are an effective way to reveal customer experience pain points.  Are you getting the most out of your technology and providing accurate information?  How do system design choices impact customer experience?  Can additional channels reach a wider group of customers?   We help determine the issues and provide roadmaps for future enhancements.


We  begin your design by studying your business needs and customer experience goals for future growth. We then customize low risk, low maintenance solutions that provide efficient platforms from which to launch future enhancements, upgrades and development of new components.  We emphasize reduced maintenance and modular code reusability.


From simple DTMF IVRs to extensive voice recognition and text-to-speech, we can integrate your contact center IVR and call routing platforms with your CRM and business intelligence applications.  Why? To give you an advantage  by consistently providing the smooth customer interactions on which your business relies and thrives.


Design and Build of customer interaction applications is in our DNA.  From cloud to on-premise contact center, IVR and SMS, our engineers and consultants provide deep expertise and rapid methodologies to deliver an effective application that  meets your business and customer experience goals and timelines.


QA testing is not just for software! For such complex systems as contact centers, IVR & SMS, we design and help you follow  QA processes  that minimize the resources required to identify bugs and test case issues to ensure a smooth deployment.  Our modular design approach reduces time and cost of regression testing for periodic updates and releases.


We modularize deployment for speed, reduced maintenance and code reuseablility. Our “one small step at a time” process reveals issues and impacts which can be quickly addressed before they are exposed to a broad customer population. With hundreds of deployments behind us, our approach minimizes risk as new applications are deployed.



Accurate reporting is essential to successful contact center operations, so we design reporting into every element of the customer contact experience. Your business benefits by  flagging early indications of problems with specific interactions, routes or flows which can be examined and improved.


Our engineers go beyond excellence in desktop design.   We focus on a superior customer experience which is delivered only when agents have critical historical and transactional customer information.  Our engineers can help identify data critical to agents and construct for you an integrated desktop solution that delivers critical information from within the enterprise.

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