Speech-Soft Contact Center Products

Streamline. Empower. Tune up and tune in. Save time and resources with Speech-Soft Products and Tools for contact center applications, Enterprise Hours of Operation and Agent Reskiling, reporting, agent desktop and speech applications.

Skill Certification Testing Finesse Desktop Gadget:

Agents are able to take skill certification tests from their Finesse desktop. Supervisors notify agents on the Finesse desktop as to their eligibility to qualify for specific skillgroups or attributes. Agents may then take tests during non call periods. If an agent meets the supervisor/trainers set passing score, the agent is added to the new skill.

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Dynamic Agent Phonebook on Finesse Desktop

Low cost phonebook Finesse gadget for sharing customer, supplier or internal resource information between agents. Gadget enables phonebook search and click-to-call with both a personal and team-shared phonebook.

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Enterprise Agent Re-Skiller for Cisco UCCE:

Enterprise Agent Re-Skiller for UCCE is a major time saver for contact centers that have a need to change and restore skills frequently for a large number of agents.  The UI consolidates views across multiple PGs and filters view and control to only the groups or agents of interest.   A single resource is able to reskill, add skills or set up a profile for thousands of agents with just a few clicks.  There is also an emergency button to quickly shutdown and later restart an entire location or center.  Check out our data sheet for detailed information.

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 ANI based Notes on Finesse Desktop

Simple, easy method to keep customer notes based on ANI. Notes are available within Finesse as part of ANI -based screen pop or lookup. Notes are date and time stamped and available to all agents.

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