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As you evaluate our core competencies and compatibility with your organization, it may help to understand our mission: to be a client-centric, forward focused and quality obsessed 21st century technology solutions company.

CEO, JP ReddyWhile honing skills at world class technology companies, I grew more and more captivated by what was possible, from new technologies to better ways of more easily and quickly delivering  superior products to  clients and their customers.

My brother and I decided to act, and based our fledgling company in Plano, TX where the quality of life would help attract the best and brightest.  Today, we are fortunate to have over 100 employees who are the right kind of professionals, dedicated to the quality and creativity of their work. Our industry-best technical experts combine leading edge skills with the ability to bridge the gap between IT and business.  We hire individuals who see the whole picture while focused on  the essentials of delivering the best technical solutions and practices. …

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